Radio Observations of a Starburst Galaxy

Supervisor: Dr. Pauline Barmby

Project Description (Abstract):

NGC 253 is the closest starburst galaxy to the Milky Way and is forming new stars in its nucleus 2 or 3 times faster than the entire Milky Way galaxy.  Radio observations of the galaxy's nucleus can see through the dusty interstellar medium, allowing us a window into the heart of the nuclear starburst. The student will work with Dr. Mark Gorski and Prof. Pauline Barmby to analyze and reduce Very Large Array (VLA) radio observations of NGC 253. The student will have the choice of two projects: 1) Analyze radio spectral lines to generate a catalog of detected atomic and molecular species in the heart of a nuclear starburst. 2) Analyze radio continuum observations in the 22-36 GHz (1.3-0.7cm) bands to understand the properties of star forming regions and supernova remnants. 

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