Origins and Physical Properties of Meter-sized Earth Impactors

Supervisor: Dr. Peter Brown

Project Description (Abstract):

In this project the impact effects from small asteroids hitting the Earth as detected by US Government sensors will be used to characterize the physical properties of small near Earth asteroids. Data provided from NASA of large (meter-sized) fireballs will be analysed. In all, some 600+ events will be statistically examined  according to their apparent strength, orbit and energy. Interpretation of these data using several in-house ablation models (such as the Triggered Progressive Fragmentation Model and the Fragmentation Model) will form the framework for interpretation of these data. The ultimate goal is to identify different physical populations of small near Earth object impactors and correlate with their orbital behavior.

The student will run existing fortran and matlab codes to interpret the dataset and will perform additional data reduction using matlab, Python and C.

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