Detecting Meteor Radar Echoes at Multiple Frequencies to Measure Radial Electron Concentrations in Meteor Trails

Supervisor: Dr. Peter Brown

Project Description (Abstract):

This project involves identification of common meteor echoes at three separate radar frequencies using existing data from the Canadian Meteor Orbit Radar. The goal is to measure  the radial distribution of electrons in meteor trails and characterize the relative importance of ambipolar diffusion versus the role chemical removal of electrons in meteor echo decay. This will be accomplished using a unique dataset of simultaneous  tri-frequency meteor radar echo measurements as constraints.

These measurements will then be compared to full wave model estimates of amplitude-time characteristics of the same radar echoes. The final outcome of the project will be to determine the functional form of the radial distribution of electrons in the meteor trail, model ambipolar diffusion as well as constrain the type of chemical reactions occurring in meteor trails.  The student will use existing code written in C to analyse echoes using full wave scattering theory. Development of test code in Python/Matlab will also be used to explore different radial electron density profiles and chemistry removal of electrons.

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