2014 P&A Undergraduate Honors Thesis

Project Title

Student Name


Long-Range Dipole-Dipole Interactions in Magnetic Materials

Baker, Mark

Prof Allan MacIsaac

Quantitative grain size determination by two-dimensional micro-X-ray diffraction and its application to the planetary sciences

Bramble, Michael1,2

Prof Roberta Flemming and Prof Phil McCausland

Correcting MRI distortion artifacts caused by metal implants

Brooks, Jeffrey

Prof Maria Drangova

Analysis of neutron scattering data on polymer blends

Cianfarani, Robert

Prof Jeff Hutter, and Prof John de Bruyn

Solving quantum mechanics problems using path integrals

Dawson, Sarah

Prof Dan Christensen

A study of intrinsic polarization versus position angle for classical Be stars as a function of disk density variations

Demers, Zachary

Prof Carol Jones

Rheological characterition of Newtonian and Non-Newtonian blood-mimicking fluid

Fortais, Adam

Prof John de Bruyn, Prof Tamie Poepping

Establishing a new technique for measuring strain in planetary minerals using XRD

Hainge, Joshua

Prof Roberta Flemming

Optimization of transmit radiofrequency coils for neuroimaging at 20 MHz

Hopkins, James

Prof Blaine Chronik

Application of iterative image reconstruction methods in dual-E CT material extraction

Jung, Jongho3

Prof Eugene Wong

Locating an X-ray binary within an extragalactic star cluster

Keenleyside, Gabriel

Prof Pauline Barmby

Evaluation of orthopedic device compatibility for 3 and 7-tesla MR

Parent, Spencer

Prof Blaine Chronik

Information transfer at criticality on sparse connectivity matrices using the Ising-Model and Granger causality analysis

Shampur, Kaushik

Prof Andrea Soddu

On the linearization instability of the Einsten field equations

Sorkhou, Saied1,4

Prof Sergei Kuzmin

Absorption and detection of amino acids on graphene thin films

Yeung, Edith

Prof Giovanni Fanchini

1. Donald Hay Prize (Awarded to a graduating student with the highest standing in the fourth year Honors Research Project). 

2. Western Gold Medal Honors Specialization in Planetary Science

3. Western Gold Medal Honors Specialization in Medical Physics

4. The Raymond Compton Dearle Gold Medal Honors Specialization in Physics