Zen Mariani

Zen Mariani

Zen Mariani - Research Scientist with Environment and Climate Change Canada

“I am honoured to currently be one of the 32 Canadian Space Agency’s astronaut candidates for the 2017 astronaut selection campaign.

As part of my Ph.D. in atmospheric physics (UofT) I frequently traveled to a remote high-Arctic site to conduct climate observations near the North Pole.

 As a research scientist in the cloud physics and severe weather research section at Environment and Climate Change Canada, my job is to lead research projects which are aimed at improving weather observation/forecast capabilities in Canada, with a focus on Arctic meteorology. This is accomplished by developing new research sites comprised of new meteorological instruments.

I manage these instruments, including their procurement, installation, operation, maintenance, analysis of datasets, and collaboration with national and international partners. In addition, I also present and publish new scientific results using the data collected from these instruments.”