Physics 4999 Undergraduate Thesis Presentations Captivate and Educate


On Thursday April 12, 2017 the members of the undergraduate thesis course, Physics 4999, presented their research talks.

The course was overseen by Professor Giovanni Fanchini.




Sean Pentinga


Analysis of Compact Galaxy Groups in the Milli-Millennium Simulation

 (supervisor: S. Gallagher)




Cody McLeod


Investigation of the Persistent Luminescence of strontium aluminate via Scanning Near-Field Photoluminescence Imaging

 (supervisor: G. Fanchini)




Adrian Mahjour


Stellar Inclinations of Be Stars as Determined by Hα Profile Fitting

(supervisor: A. Sigut)




Joshua Folkerson


Developing an Image Alignment Method to Search for Young Exoplanets with High-Contrast Imaging

 (supervisor: S. Metchev)




Sergio Dempsey


A Novel Hybrid System of Photoacoustics and Ultrasound Elastography for Breast Cancer Diagnosis

 (supervisors: J. Carson / A. Samani)




Nicole Barucha


Development of a Control Plot Software Tool for Monitoring Quality in MRI Radio-Frequency Heating Tests of Implantable Medical Devices

(supervisor: B. Chronik)

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