Don Moorcroft Memorial Tree Dedication


On the afternoon of Tuesday, November 14, 2017, on the east lawn, the Department of Physics and Astronomy held a ceremonial tree planting in memory of late faculty member Don Moorcroft. 

The event was well attended, Don's wife and children were on hand, as well as many of his former colleagues, both current and emeritus professors, stopping by to pay their respects and share stories and memeroies of Don.

Department Chair Bob Sica commenced the planting ceremony, speaking about Don before reciting the wording of the plaque which accompanies the tree and commemorates Don's career and impact on our community.

The plaque reads:

Professor of Physics, 1963-2000
Chair, 1989-1994; 1995-1998
Planted in honour of Dr. Moorcroft's
strong commitment to the leadership
of our department. His deep insights
into the physical world, generously
shared with colleagues and students,
made an enduring impact on generations
within the scientific community
[google photos of the event]

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