Students present their honours thesis research papers

Honours thesis presentations, 2015

Five outstanding honours thesis papers were presented on Tuesday, March 31, 2015. The course was taught by Prof. Eugene Wong.

Brian DuongThesis title: "Simulations of the dynamics of active nematics on various surfaces using the lattice Boltzmann method".

Supervisor: Prof. Colin Denniston

Brian Duong

Daniel MartireThesis title: "Characterization of Gradient Induced Vibration of Devices in MRI".

Supervisor: Prof. Blaine Chronik

Daniel Martire

Sina KhajehabdollahiThesis title: "Consciousness, Integrated Information Theory, and the Ising Model: an Investigation of the Critical Behavior of the Brain".

Supervisor: Prof. Andrea Soddu

Sina Khajehabdollahi

Peter JeonThesis title: "Modeling Structure-Function Connectivity of the Resting and Stimulated Brain Using the Generalized Ising Model".

Supervisor: Prof. Andrea Soddu

Peter Jeon

David UrenThesis title: "A Mathematical Model of Metastatic Cancer Growth Incorporating Dormancy".

Supervisor: Prof. Eugene Wong

David Uren

Prof. Eugene Wong

Prof. Eugene Wong