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June, 2006

Ms Meghan McGill

Ms. Meghan McGill was presented with the inaugural Chambliss medal for exemplary research by a graduate student at the American Astronomical Society in Calgary, Alberta in June, 2006.

Her paper entitled, "Theoretical Disk Models for the Circumstellar Material Surrounding Hot Stars" by Meghan McGill and her supervisors T. A. A. Sigut, and Carol Jones was well received by the 645 registrants. Ms. McGill is currently finishing her MSc in astronomy with scientific computing and will begin her PhD program in September.


Jamu Alford

Jamu Alford is the recipient of the Lillian Margaret and Walter David Jackson Scholarship for 2004-05. 

Jamu currently holds an NSERC PGS D scholarship at Western. The $1,500 scholarship is awarded annually to an outstanding graduate student entering the graduate program in physics. 

The award was established within Foundation Western by a generous gift from Dr. J. David Jackson in memory of his parents.

Jamu Alford received his BSc in Physics from The University of Western Ontario.   He entered the MSc program in Physics under the supervision of Prof. Blaine Chronik in the Fall of 2005 and has been transferred into the PhD program as of September 2006. 

Jamu's research is in the area of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).  He is working on the development of new NMR systems that involve field-cycling technology. The goal is to develop imaging systems that are more versatile and powerful than traditional MRI for applications in a wide range of areas that include medical imaging, biology, and materials science.

Dr. J. David Jackson, the scholarship donor, is professor emeritus of physics at the University of California at Berkeley.   He was born in London, attended Central Secondary School, and received his BSc from UWO in 1946, followed by a PhD at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  A theoretical particle physicist, Jackson has won many awards including a Guggenheim Fellowship and a Ford Foundation Fellowship.  He is a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences.  In 1989, Western bestowed an honorary DSc on him.

Wolfgang Dapp

Wolfgang Dapp, a Masters student in The Department of Physics and Astronomy at UWO is this year's recipient of the William Henry Wehlau Scholarship.

It is awarded annually to an outstanding graduate student in the Astronomy program at Western.

Wolfgang Dapp started his university education in 2001 at the University of Ulm, Germany, studying Physics. He came to Western in 2004 with a student exchange program and, after the end of the program, stayed to obtain a Masters degree in Astronomy and Computational Science, concurrent to his degree in Germany. He will be graduating from UWO in September 2006. After finishing his Physics graduate degree in Ulm, Dapp will return to Western in 2007 for a PhD.

In future PhD work, Dapp hopes to develop high-resolution three-dimensional computer simulations in order to determine the full interplay of magnetic fields, gas rotation, and turbulence in the assemblage of a star.

Besides his scientific interests, Dapp finds fulfilment in music; he sings as a tenor in the UWO choir. Recreational Badminton at the UWO Badminton club and Squash add to his timetable.

Graduating Class Ceremony

Ceremonies were held for the graduating class on April 28, and June 22, 2006. See details...




Prof. Don Moorcroft

Prof. Don Moorcroft celebrates 40 years as a member of the Canadian Association of Physics.




Images of our graduating class ceremonies.

Congratulations to Patrick Granton and Felix Oppong on their good results in the student poster competition at the Canadian Association of Physicists conference. Patrick was a finalist and Felix a semifinalist.

TA winnersTA winners with faculty

The left photo shows James Odegaard (right) & Asad Rezaee (centre) who are winners of the 2005-2006 Teaching Assistant Award of Excellence in the Physics & Astronomy Department.
Jamu Alford (left) is winner of the 2005-2006 Faculty of Science Award of Excellence for Teaching Assistants, for the Department of Physics & Astronomy, UWO.

Photo on the right shows the winners with Department Chair John R. de Bruyn (centre-back), Graduate Chair Peter Simpson (left-back), and Undergraduate Chair Richard Holt (right-back). Photos by Peter Frank.

Faculty winners of Academic Development Fund grants for 2006

Prof. John R. de BruynProf. John de Bruyn - Light Scattering Instrument for the Study of Complex and Biological Fluids

Prof. Martin HoudeProf. Martin Houde - Polarimeter for Astrophysical Molecular Line Spectroscopy

Prof. Silvia MittlerProf. Silvia Mittler - Evanescent field fluorescence microscopy and enantiomeric excess screening of asymmetric catalysts

Prof. Tamie PoeppingProf. Tamie Poepping - Ultrasound Research System

Peter Brown

Professor Peter Brown is this year's winner of the Florence Bucke Prize. Peter will present a public lecture entitled 'Comet and Asteroid Impacts: Hazards and Opportunities' on Thursday, March 30, at 7:30 p.m. in Somerville House Room 3345, where he will receive the prize.

Read the full Western News Article...



wisdom eventwisdom event

Laura Thomson (second year) is shown helping a young volunteer with an angular momentum experiment. Laura is also shown seated in front of the Physics and Astronomy display which was part of a Science Day held by WISDOM (Women in Science, Department of Mathematics) at UCC on March 15, 2006.
Other student volunteers were Andrea Darlington, Stephanie Keating, Samantha Flood, and Amanda Papadimos. Thanks to Peter Frank for his tireless efforts with the display.

Einstein's Cafe

Professors John de Bruyn (Physics and Astronomy) and Chris Essex (Applied Math) presented Einstein's Café with a mock permit which requires the Café to obey the laws of physics, at least during business hours.



Fall Preview Day

Students Samantha Flood (left) and Olga Sukara spoke to prospective students at Fall Preview Day 2005

Special thanks go out to all of those who made this event a success:

  • Kwesi Agyem, Samantha Flood,
  • Peter Frank, Marguerite Lee,
  • Sean Murphy, Tamie Poepping,
  • Olga Sukara, Patrick Whippey,




Prof. Carol Jones

Congratulations go out to Dr. Carol Jones, who was appointed as Assistant Professor in the Departments of Physics and Astronomy, Applied Mathematics, and Mathematics, effective September 1, 2005





Dr. Carol Jones, Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy had a short visit from four collaborators.

Stan Owocki of the University of Delaware, Richard Townsend of the University of Delaware/University College London, Asif ud-Doula from North Carolina State University, and Robert Nikutta of the University of Pottsdam in Germany were here for two days to speak with Prof. Jones.
Richard Townsend gave a talk entitled "Magnetic confinement of radiatively driven winds around hot, luminous stars."
Stan Owocki gave a talk entitled "Winds that Sail on Starlight".


Martin Houde, Mike Attard, Tim Officer CSO

Prof. Martin Houde (upper middle) and two of his graduate students, Tim Officer (left) and Michael Attard (right), had a successful observing run with the CalTech Submillimeter Telescope on the summit of Mauna Kea in Hawaii.

Bob Lowe

In Geneva, The World Meteorological Organization conferred the Norbert Gerbier-MUMM Award for 2005 on an international group of scientists from 11 countries, including Western's Prof. Bob Lowe.


Martin Houde

Prof. Martin Houde was one of seven new Canada Research Chairs honoured by Prime Minister Paul Martin this year.





NSERC winners

NSERC Undergraduate Scholarship Award Recipients, Summer, 2005

  • Darek Sikorski, Kyle Lawson, James Wurster
  • Travis Williams, Ryan de Boer, Calvin To, Albert Santoni
  • Sari Belzycki, Andrea Domokos, Jamu Alford
  • (no photo) Jessie Silaj, Robert Chatelain, Michael Wong


ta winners

Kristine Drew and Iftekharul Haque are the 2005 Teaching Award winners.






Ian Mitchell

Dr. Ian Mitchell is one of the winners of the Hellmuth Prize for Achievement in Research for 2005.

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Patrick Whippey

Professor Patrick Whippey is one of the winners of the 2004-2005 Western "Excellence in Teaching Awards".