The Department in 2003 - Michael Cottam

[This was the last entry in Don Moorcroft's history of the department, written in 2003]

Our current chair (footnote 3), Michael G. Cottam [1987-present] (Cambridge, BSc, 1966; Oxford, PhD, 1969) came to us in 1987 from the University of Essex, England, where he had been teaching since 1973. On his arrival he already had an established reputation in condensed matter physics as an expert on magnetic properties.

Today the amalgamated Department of Physics and Astronomy has 23 faculty members, 21 working in four major research areas, and two devoted to physics education. In the following list, the year following each faculty member's name is the year of entry into a probationary or tenured appointment:

Hugh Couchman (1991) - Cosmic Structure Formation & Numerical N-body Algorithms
Dave Gray (1966)- Rotation of Stars, Magnetic Cycles, Stellar granulation
John Landstreet (1970)- Upper Main Sequence A and B Stars
Mike Marlborough (1967)- Atmospheres of Hot Stars, Interstellar Medium, Radiation Transfer
Jim Moorhead (1966) - Variable Stars, Spectroscopy, Instrumentation

Atomic and Molecular Physics:
Pedro Goldman (1988) - Relativistic calculations in atomic physics
Dick Holt (1976) - Atomic and molecular spectroscopy and lifetimes
Brian Mitchell (1984)- Atomic collisions
Dave Rosner (1971)-Atomic and molecular spectroscopy and lifetimes

Atmospheric and Space Physics:
Wayne Hocking (1991) - atmospheric dynamics
Jim Jones (1966) - Meteors, comets and interplanetary dust
Bob Lowe (1968) - Composition and dynamics of the middle atmosphere
Don Moorcroft (1963) - Plasma physics of the auroral ionosphere
Jean-Pierre St.-Maurice (1987) - Space Plasma Physics
Bob Sica (1988) - Lidar measurements of dynamics and thermodynamics in the middle atmosphere

Condensed Matter Physics
Mike Cottam (1987) - quantum theory of condensed matter systems
Ian Mitchell (1986) - Surface and interface studies using ion beams
Mahi Singh (1987) - Quantum transport and optical properties in condensed matter
Peter Simpson (1996) - Study of solids & surfaces with slow positron beams
Philip Tong (1967) - Thin film semiconductors and photonic band gap materials
Martin Zinke-Allmang (1990) - Dynamic processes during thin film growth, especially of semiconductor heterosystems.

Physics Education
Dean Gaily (1970)
Patrick Whippey (1966)